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To develop a dialogue between science and society.


The Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) was formed in October 2004 in Brussels with a member of 15 European Stroke Organisations; Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.
Since then many new countries have joined and we are now 33 member organisations.

SAFE aims to bring together its own member patient organisations and relevant others to develop a dialogue to promote international understanding of stroke and how it can be prevented. We also exist to advocate for better stroke care by better research and good practice implementation.
The Collaborative Partnership Principles describe the conditions for your company or organisation to become closely linked with SAFE, its members, mission and objectives, whilst at the same time raising your profile and credibility in a Europe that is increasingly concerned about the importance of health, the current state of healthcare provisions and prevention of illness.

Across the world, progressive businesses and organisations know they have a corporate social responsibility to do good for society as well as sustaining themselves. This principle is recognized by enhanced reputation and loyalty from customers, and SAFE recognizes that in the stroke world there are still organisations that are looking for partners, sponsorship, educational funds and provision of expertise. Joining as an associate member are all ways in which organisations can show corporate social responsibility, and support SAFE.

SAFE relies on partnerships for the continuation of its operations. In order to ensure its independence, SAFE does not accept donations that are dependent on policies set by others. The Board exercises care that funding does not condition its priority setting, the mission, messages, or any other activities of the organisation, thereby ensuring the independence of SAFE to carry out its mission and objectives.

SAFE will only partner with companies and organisations of high standing and reputation and all partnership relationships must be transparent to SAFE and its membership, its key stakeholders, as well as to prospective partners and donors.

Who can become a collaborative partner to SAFE?

Any company or organisation that wishes to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility and wishes to see progress in preventing, treating and researching stroke and its consequences.

Lucinda Shaw, SAFE’s Partnership Manager, would be pleased to discuss any opportunities for partnership working and can be reached on

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