Why is SAFE needed?

Stroke is the cause of the most cases of serious disability in adults, and one of the biggest killers of people, across Europe, with a 30% increase in people affected expected by 2030. There are millions living with the effects of stroke, as stroke survivors and carers, and they need support and a voice in decision making.

The Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE)’s vision is to greatly reduce the number of strokes in Europe and ensure all those touched by stroke get the support they need, including advocating for improvement. We engage in activities such as education, supporting national stroke patient support organisations (SSO’s), campaigning and encouraging research, all of which contribute to the advancement of stroke prevention and the improvement of the quality of life of stroke survivors, their families and carers. Increasingly we are focusing on co-morbidities, recognising the importance of the link between stroke and conditions such as heart disease, dementia, and diabetes.

What has SAFE achieved?

SAFE is a non-profit-making organisation formed in 2004 in Brussels, Belgium. It is the voice of stroke survivors in Europe, representing a range of stroke support organisations from more than 30 European countries.

Our overall objectives are to:

  • promote awareness and understanding of stroke
  • promote prevention of strokes
  • identify those at risk of stroke
  • improve access to appropriate treatment and care for persons affected by stroke
  • improve the quality of life of people affected by stroke and their families and carers
  • promote better access to accurate and understandable information about stroke
  • increase the priority given to stroke by policy and decision-makers and by health care providers
  • promote research on stroke and related areas
  • co-ordinate the efforts of national stroke patient groups in Europe
  • support the growth of stroke organisations reflecting the views of stroke survivors and their supporters.

SAFE was formed with a membership of eight European SSOs. Since then we have experienced significant growth and now comprise 35 members.

In addition to supporting the growth of SSOs and our membership through holding annual and regional conferences, we  successfully collaborate and work at the EU level to raise awareness of stroke, through membership of the EU Health policy forum, holding meetings with MEP’s and Commission staff, and by lobbying for improvement in stroke provision and care. In our position as the voice of stroke patients in Europe we co-ordinate our joint activity with stroke medical professionals through a memorandum of understanding with the European Stroke Organisation (ESO). We, where appropriate, work together, to improve outcomes for those affected by stroke, in particular through the implementation of the 2018 Stroke Action Plan for Europe (SAPE). In 2019 we held a joint event with the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union Joining forces to prevent and control non-communicable diseases: The role of policy in tackling stroke’. To enhance our policy work, we have produced key European data including the Burden of Stroke in Europe in 2017 and the Economic Impact of Stroke 2019 and 2020.

What are our current priorities?

We will continue our policy work to further the SAPE implementation, in addition we will raise further issues about the economic impact of stroke in Europe. Of critical importance is the delivery of the SAFE European Life After Stroke Forum on a regular basis to create a network of researchers, activists and implementers of initiatives to improve quality of life for people after stroke. After COVID19,  finance permitting, we believe it will be necessary to campaign for stroke as a non-communicable disease to be given appropriate attention, and to find sponsors for independent  research into the met and unmet needs of stroke survivors and their loved ones during their life after stroke, which will complete the series of four key policy reports on stroke, all of which covered each country of Europe. We also believe it is crucial to support member organisations to recover from COVID19 damage and enable sustainability and regrowth.

Why join SAFE?

SAFE is a non-profit-making organisation that represents many SSOs across Europe. A key priority for SAFE is the support of its member SSO’s, and to ensure their concerns are given a voice at EU level, and in research and awareness programmes, policy, campaigning, and development initiatives.

Key reasons for becoming a member of SAFE:

  • As a member, you will access a range of benefits to help support your organisations work and growth.
  • When you become a member of SAFE, you will help build a network across Europe that will strengthen the collective voice of stroke support organisations. You will be able to use the SAFE logo (after approval) on your materials as appropriate, to demonstrate your engagement with this EU recognised NGO.
  • By adding to this voice, you will enhance our ability to drive change on stroke action Europe. Your logo and membership will be recognised on the SAFE website and appropriately in our materials as necessary.
  • Your membership ensures that the voice of stroke survivors and carers is more likely to be heard in the crucial discussions about policy and stroke resources, at both EU and national level.
  • Your membership ensures greater credibility for SAFE and therefore improves SAFE and our members standing with funders and the media.

What are the benefits of joining SAFE?

There are many benefits of being a member of the SAFE:

  • Access to information, templates and pre produced campaign and awareness material and to European level data such as the Burden of Stroke and the Economic Impact of Stroke
  • Access to the online learning materials, on the SAFE platform, the Stroke Support Organisation Faculty Tool (SSOFT)
  • Patient information/Angels literature translation into the language of your country
  • Access to finance such as research dissemination funding, and potentially grants to smaller SSO’s to enable growth
  • Invitation to SAFE General Assembly meetings
  • Board and officer election voting rights
  • Eligible to stand for board and officer election
  • Access to SAFE member-only online area
  • Listing in the SAFE online membership directory
  • One free place and one discounted place at the European Life After Stroke forum
  • Two free places at regional meetings
  • Opportunities to present at regional meetings
  • Networking with your peers through member meetings and subgroups
  • Right to use “member of SAFE” logo on corporate materials (upon approval)
  • Opportunity to submit conferences and educational activities for SAFE endorsement
  • Letters of support from SAFE for national advocacy on key stroke issues
  • Newsletters sent to your organisation to keep people informed on stroke in Europe
  • Showcase your work on a European level on our communication platforms such as our website, social media, networks and newsletter

Who can join?

SAFE membership creates a community with like-minded organisations. Our membership is open to civil society organisations from Europe engaged in supporting stroke survivors. SAFE membership is available via three categories ordinary members, associate members and honorary members.

Ordinary membership

confers voting rights and full ability to engage in all initiatives and consultations, and to access SAFE streams of funding if appropriate, and support to templates, press releases, the SSOFT training modules and all other material produced to support members to pursue their goals as SSOs. Membership of SAFE will confer recognition of the organisation as a supporter of SAFE and the support of the voice of stroke survivors and carers in the stroke world, European (as defined by the World Health Organisation) national organisations constituted according to the laws and customs of their country of origin, which represent the voice of stroke survivors and their families, support those at risk of and affected by stroke, and operate with a priority concern for life after stroke. They will be non-profit, non-governmental organisations. The organisation will be able to demonstrate their involvement with stroke survivors and their families in the community, and that the aims of your organisation are guided by stroke survivor and family priorities.

Associate membership

is available to organisations, constituted according to the laws and customs of their country of origin, which support those at risk of and affected by stroke, and who do not fulfil the criteria for ordinary membership. They may be organisations or societies concerned with representing or driving forward the interests of medical professionals or researchers, or health professionals working in stroke related nursing, therapy, research and development. These will often be commercial organisations concerned with the development of treatments, aids, drugs, services, or research. Associate membership does not confer voting rights and full access to all the benefits of ordinary membership, but may confer access to many benefits such as SSOFT training modules, information and campaign resources, invitations to events and participation in appropriate consultation initiatives, and gatherings. It also confers recognition of the organisation as a supporter of SAFE and the support of the voice of stroke survivors and carers in the stroke world

Honorary members

are individuals or organisations, constituted according to the law and customs of their country of origin, which have provided outstanding support to SAFE in furtherance of its objectives. It does not confer automatic voting rights or automatic usage of logo

 What are the subscription fees?

Annual turnover Fee 2020
< €200,000 = € 530.40
€ 200,000 to € 500,000 = € 795.60
€ 500,000 to € 1,000,000 = € 1,081.60
€ 1,000,000 to € 2,000,000 = € 2,163.20
€ 2,000,000 to € 3,000,000 = € 3,328.50
€ 3,000,000 to € 4,000,000 = € 4,328.50
€ 4,000,000 to € 5,000,000 = € 5,510.00
€ 5,000,000 to € 6,000,000 = € 6,491.60
€ 6,000,000 to € 7,000,000 = € 7,574.30
€ 7,000,000 to € 8,000,000 = € 8,656.00
€ 8,000,000 to € 9,000,000 = € 9,738.50
> €9,000,000 = € 10,820.00

 Associates – only pay the minimum fee

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