European Stroke Awareness Day 2020

This European Stroke Awareness Day, on May 12, the second Tuesday in May, we would like to remind people that stroke keeps happening even in times of the global pandemic of Covid-19.

Stroke patients need to call the emergency services immediately after the onset of symptoms and seek for professional help.

Amidst the #StayHome campaign, we need to make sure people know that #StrokeDoesntStayHome and #StrokeStillMatters.

We hope, once the pandemic is over, that people will learn how to better respond to similar outbreaks in the future. We need your help to raise awareness and make sure that lock-down situations do not add up to the stroke patients’ suffering.

We would like to invite you to share with us your plans and activities from around Europe with the stroke patients community. If you have stories to share, please send it to and we will be thrilled to publish it on our website.