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SAFE Governance

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About SAFE

The Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) an international non-profit-making organisation formed in 2004 in Brussels, Belgium. It is the voice of stroke patients in Europe, representing a range of patient groups from more than 30 European countries.

SAFE’s goal is to decrease the number of strokes in Europe by advocating for better prevention, access to adequate treatment, post-stroke care and rehabilitation.

SAFE is registered under an ASBL number 0661.651.450.

General Assembly

The following powers shall be exercised only by the General Assembly:

  • amendment of the articles of association;
  • approval of the annual accounts and the budget;
  • voluntary dissolution of the association;
  • expulsion of ordinary members;
  • appointment, dismissal and discharge of Board members and Officers of SAFE;
  • bringing an association claim against Board members and/or Officers;
  • all other cases where required by Belgian law.

All other matters shall be the responsibility of the Board.

Our mission

Stroke is a preventable catastrophe and has severe, long-term, disabling consequences.

SAFE’s vision is to work towards greatly decreasing the number of strokes in Europe and that all who are touched by stroke get the help and support they need.

SAFE therefore engages in activities such as campaigning, education and encouraging research, which contribute to the advancement of stroke prevention and the improvement of the quality of life of stroke survivors, their families and carers.

Aims of SAFE

to promote awareness and understanding of stroke;

to promote prevention of strokes;

to identify those at risk of stroke;

to improve access to appropriate treatment and care for persons affected by stroke;

to improve the quality of life of people affected by stroke and their families and carers;

to promote better access to accurate and understandable information about stroke;

to increase the priority given to stroke by policy and decision-makers and by health care providers;

to promote research on stroke and related areas;

to co-ordinate the efforts of national stroke patient groups in Europe;

to support the growth of stroke organisations reflecting the views of stroke survivors and their supporters

Contact Information for the Secretariat and Board Members

Please contact the SAFE Secretariat, Ms. Sandra Jackson by:


or use the Contact page.

For contact information for the Board Members please contact the SAFE Secretariat as above.