Stroke Action Plan for Europe

The Stroke Action Plan for Europe 2018-2030 was created as a result of collaborative work between SAFE and the European Stroke Organisation (ESO).

Building on the preceding Helsingborg Declarations of 1995 and 2006, the Stroke Action Plan for Europe creates an aspirational framework to drive healthcare policy, research priorities, local stroke management and patient-focused care to meet the need demonstrated in the SAFE/ESO Burden of Stroke report.

The Burden of Stroke report showed:

  • disparities between & within countries along the entire stroke care pathway, with post-stroke support being neglected by all countries
  • increasing numbers of strokes and cost of stroke care
  • many countries do not have a specific strategy for dealing with stroke

To address this, the Stroke Action Plan for Europe provides targets for each key step in the stroke care pathway :

  • primary prevention
  • organisation of stroke care
  • acute stroke care
  • secondary prevention
  • rehabilitation
  • evaluation of outcomes
  • life after stroke.

There are four overarching goals for 2030:

  • reduce the absolute number of strokes by 10%
  • treat 90% or more of all patients with stroke in a dedicated stroke unit as the first level of care
  • have national plans for stroke encompassing the entire chain of care from primary prevention through to life after stroke
  • fully implement national strategies for multisector public health interventions to promote and facilitate a healthy lifestyle, and reduce environmental (including air pollution), socioeconomic and educational factors that increase the risk of stroke.

The Stroke Action Plan for Europe 2018-2030 can now be downloaded here and outlines key recommendations from seven domains covering the stroke care pathway from prevention to life after stroke.

The version which was published in the European Stroke Journal is available here.

A summary of recommendations is available here

The Stroke Action Plan for Europe has been translated into five languages French, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Spanish.

In addition. the following organisations have translated the Plan into their own languages:

The implementation of the Stroke Action Plan for Europe started in August 2019 and this work is steered by a joint SAFE-ESO committee. SAFE is represented by Arlene Wilkie, SAFE Director General, Grethe Lunde and Chris Macey, SAFE Board Members. The committee meets is focused on:

  • developing KPIs to measure the implementation of the plan
  • developing tools to aid stroke support organisations, national scientific societies and medical societies implement the Stroke Action Plan for Europe in their countries