Our strategy: United against stroke

Setting the scene

Stroke is a leading cause of death and adult disability in Europe, impacting stroke survivors and their support networks across many aspects of their lives. With 1.5 million cases in 2017, projected to reach 12 million by 2040, the costs to the society could soar from €60 billion to €86 billion without targeted investment. Urgent action is needed to address preventability, unmet survivor needs, and the lack of comprehensive national plans and support networks.

Our vision

We want a Europe where preventable stroke is eliminated, death and disability is minimised and every person affected by stroke lives their best life possible

Our mission

Over the next five years and beyond, our mission is to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke in Europe, by bringing together and empower SSOs to deliver campaigns, advocacy, education, research and raise awareness.

Our goals

  1. That everyone affected by stroke is supported by a national stroke support organisation
  2. A substantial reduction in preventable stroke through acting on risk factors and symptoms
  3. Making stroke a European health, care, social and research priority
  4. Equality of stroke care in each European country through implementation of comprehensive national stroke strategies
  5. Maximise our effectiveness by being a professional, ethical, financially stable and sustainable organisation

Our action plan

  1. We will build capacity in European stroke support organisations by producing tools, training, information and by providing members meeting opportunities.
  2. We will raise awareness of signs and symptoms of stroke and provide up to date information on the importance of primary and secondary stroke prevention.
  3. We will ensure that stroke and the stroke survivor voice is clearly represented in the work of relevant European/ EU bodies (such as European Parliament, European Commission, Council of Ministries, Presidencies of the European Union and in Horizon Europe stroke projects) and World/WHO groups
  4. We will work in partnership with the European Stroke Organisation to mobilise key stakeholders to work with their governments to deliver a comprehensive stroke plan in each country
  5. We will ensure that we are an effective organisation by having a committed and engaged board and staff, good governance and the financial recourses in place to support our work.