World Stroke Day 2021

We are proud to support World Stroke Day on 29 October – and there is a lot going on that you might want to be involved in!


World Stroke Organization activities

13th World Stroke Organization Congress.

The WSO Congress will be held as a virtual meeting with a focus on live interactive elements on 28-29 October 2021 and will be organized by a program committee representing various continents around the world. The Congress will take place in coordination with the International Symposium on Thrombolysis, Thrombectomy and Acute Stroke Therapy in Amsterdam and also with a RAISE formatted meeting on Stroke Prevention in the United States. Speakers from both conferences will be presenting at the WSO Congress.

Our Director General, Arlene Wilkie, will be giving a presentation on the 28 October. It isn’t too late to register: here

Take action on World Stroke Day 29 October.

On World Stroke Day, the World Stroke Organization is organising several events you might want to be involved in.

Join the World Stroke Day panel discussion at 15.00 CEST: No time to waste! Saving lives and reducing disability by accelerating worldwide access to acute stroke treatment.

Every minute from the onset of stroke to treatment contributes to a loss of brain function and increases the probability of long-term impairment, disability and death. For governments, every year that goes by without action ramps up the social and economic impact of stroke.

Improving outcomes requires effort on all front but improvements are possible, even in the most challenging circumstances. This event will bring together leaders from patient, policy and industry to discuss opportunities and challenges to save #Precioustime and deliver access to quality stroke care for all.

With panel moderator Rageh Omaar, ITV Global Health Correspondent, stroke survivor and Gold Medal Olympian, Michael Johnson and Sheila Martins World Stroke Organization President-elect, World Stroke Campaign and WHO, NCD expert Slim Slama.

Register here


Save #Precioustime

Support the global drive on World Stroke Day in to raising awareness of stroke symptoms and the importance of saving #Precioustime.

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Share this video to help promote the message that acting FAST is important as minutes can save lives

Minutes Save Lives – know the signs, say its a stroke and save #Precioustime


EU training webinar: Stroke prevention & Life after stroke, during the Pandemic”, 11.00 CEST


Professor Martin Dichgans, Director at the Institute of Stroke and Dementia in Munich, will explain the recent challenges and opportunities in stroke research and care. It is aimed at a non-scientific audience.

This event is organised by ERA-Net and the Network of European funding for neuroscience research (NEURON).

Please register here:



SAFE and the Angels Initiative support World Stroke Day on 29 October. We recognise the importance of learning the symptoms of stroke and the importance of urgent access to appropriate medical care as minutes can save lives.

The Angels Initiative supports the provision of patient information to help patients, their families and carers understand their condition, be more actively involved in their treatment decisions and learn more about the important next steps to recovery.  The materials are available in 15 languages and can be found at

The Angels Initiative is a non-commercial healthcare project dedicated to improving stroke patients’ chance of survival and living a disability-free life. The Initiative has enabled multi-disciplinary stroke teams around the world to access education, standardisation tools, consultancy, community and quality monitoring processes that enable them to act faster to minimise the burden of stroke on patients’ lives.

More information about the Save #PreciousTime campaign on World Stroke Day visit