European Stroke Awareness Day 2023

Needs of stroke survivors go neglected leaving many feeling suicidal

[If you have any concerns about your or a loved one’s mental health after a stroke – please contact  a health professional or a stroke support organisation in your country:]

On European Stroke Awareness Day (9 May) we highlight how stroke survivors’ needs are being neglected and suffer as a result.

Our recent study, A life saved is a life worth living report, the unmet needs of stroke survivors in Europe, reveals that one in eight stroke survivors has suicidal thoughts, around a third of stroke survivors will become clinically depressed in the years following their stroke and up to a quarter suffer ongoing problems with anxiety.

The report brings together for the first time, research in to over 80 unmet needs of stroke survivors in Europe. It concludes that more should be done to address the needs of the growing number of people surviving stroke.

SAFE is calling for:

  • Governments to provide funding to investigate the medium and long term needs of stroke survivors and the improvements in service provision to meet those needs
  • Health and social care systems should be designed to high quality information and training for stroke survivors and their carers that is easily accessible over the long term
  • All stroke survivors should be followed up at least annually, to have their needs assessed and to be referred to services
  • National and local health and social care systems must improve access to rehabilitation therapies for stroke survivors for as long as they continue to show benefit
  • National and local health and social care systems must improve the provision of and access to secondary prevention services and support
  • More specialist support is needed post stroke to help stroke survivors cope with ongoing issues such as chronic fatigue and concentration problems. Much better access to mental health support is vital
  • People supporting and caring for stroke survivors should have timely access to information and support, including meeting their needs to ‘self-care’.

For the summary report:

Full press release: ‎

Grethe Lundi, stoke survivor story:…th-living-grethe/ ‎

Professor Charles Wolfe talks about the importance of the Life saved as life worth living report  –