Brain Awareness Week 2022

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This awareness week is a global campaign to engage the general public in brain science, and the impact brain research has on our everyday lives.

We are supporting Brain Awareness Week this year by sharing the latest news and development in the six EU research project grants we are involved in.

We want to raise awareness of stroke research in Europe and encourage involvement and participation in EU research.

Find out more about the latest developments:



The ANGIE project is developing a novel approach for the treatment of strokes, by magnetically steering microrobots to the site of the brain bleed. Read more about this exciting new technology here



Find out how this research is using everyday drugs to treat stroke complications and save lives here



Prevention of stroke in intracerebral haemorrage survivors with atrial fibrillation. Find out more how this research is looking at preventing strokes in those at high risk here



Find out how the PROOF trial is investigating if taking oxygen after a stroke can improve the treatment options for stroke here



This research is investigating the potential to expand treatment options for stroke here



This research, which finished at the end of 2021, investigated potential treatments to prevent dementia and stroke here