We are pleased to announce that we will be holding our first face-to-face conference on Life After Stroke on 10 March 2023 in Barcelona.

The European Life After Stroke Forum was created to bring together researchers, scientists, medical professionals, health policymakers, advocacy, or support groups, stroke survivors and their carers to share knowledge and network.  

Due to COVID-19, our original planned conference had to be postponed. In its place we held a series of successful Life After Stroke Series of webinars in 2021 / 2022 to maintain moment and interest in this very important area of life after stroke.

‘There are few opportunities regarding conferences, workshops, and shared networking events for advocates and researchers in the life after stroke area of care. Also, there is limited evidence and research data in longer term management and care and stroke survivors often feel abandoned after rehabilitation stops. This conference with stimulate debate and ultimately improve life after stroke.’

Avril Drummond, Chair, European Life After Stroke Forum

How to register, more details about the programme and how to submit abstracts will be available from 10 November.

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Feedback from our Life After Stroke Series 2021/ 2022 online events

‘Thank you @StrokeEurope  for organising such a great event. A morning of interesting insights into stroke care and the additional challenges caused by Covid. A particular highlight was the incredibly inspirational talk from Alexia about her lived experience.’

‘Thank you to all the speakers – such a valuable webinar. Really useful for my work with people living with stroke.’

‘These webinars are really useful and informative for everyone from stroke expert to stroke survivor, family or caregiver, and even after this webinar ends, it will be a good online content for sharing.’

‘Congrats to SAFE TEAM for organising this excellent webinar.’

‘Thank you for the excellent presentations including stroke survivor’s stories/experiences. I will definitely be aiming to embed some of these thoughts into my practise to empower my patients to be equipped for self-management of their condition in order to give them quality of life as stroke survivors.’

‘Thank you so much for such an interesting presentation – it was particularly interesting to hear from ‘expert witnesses’ and real-life experience of challenges and coping strategies.’