SAFE has joined DrugStars, a mobile application that enables you to make donations to your favorite charity just by taking your medicine as prescribed.

Drugstars ApS is a Danish company founded by Claus Møldrup, a former professor at the University of Copenhagen in modern medicine. He founded it together with Claes Rasmussen, former CEO at TWBA, Finn Overgaard, former CEO at RelationshusetGekko, Martin Plambek, former GM strategic marketing at Maersk Group, Jesper Kilbæk, former director of a bank, and Paul Clements, creative partner at Mensch.

Basically, DrugStars is an app that reminds you to take your medicine and awards you with stars that you can donate to health charities. But there is so much more in it: DrugStars hopes to become the largest patient movement in the world. A movement of patients who give to others just by taking their medicine as prescribed. And most importantly, a movement of patients who share their experiences and perspectives with regard to their medicines, so that this knowledge can be used to improve treatments. The ambition is to make you proud of taking your medicine the right way – to make you a real DrugStar.

It’s very simple to use DrugStars, and if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to ask by using contacts provided on their website.

How to start

First, you download the app and login with your Facebook account or create your very own DrugStars account.
Then, you register your medicine, vitamins etc.
You will receive reminders based on the information that you registered with your medication, and every time you receive a reminder, you will also be able to collect a ‘star’. You can also earn stars by reviewing your medicine or by referring other people to join DrugStars.
When you have earned 50 stars, you can donate them to one of the health charities in the app. DrugStars turns the ‘stars’ into real money and donates them to the health charities approx. every 6 months.

See some of the great memories in Donations.

If you wish, you can see a more detailed guide to the DrugStars app right here: Download The DrugStars Guide right here