Written by Anita Arsovska and Maja Bozhinovska

On the occasion of the World Stroke Day, 29th October 2018, the Macedonian organization for a fight against stroke, Macedonian Neurology Society, Society of nurses in Neurology and the Red Cross have traditionally organized many activities on several locations.

We carried out public activities in Skopje, Shtip, Tetovo and Strumica that aimed to increase the general knowledge of the population of stroke, i.e. how to promptly recognize signs and symptoms of this disease and which measures should be taken for stroke prevention.

On the 28th October, Elena Lichkova in Shtip, Danijela Samoilovska Vojtikiv in Tetovo, Biljana Ivanova in Strumica, Anita Arsovska and Gordana DImeska in Skopje organized these activities, during which, free measurement of blood pressure and blood sugar was performed, printed material on stroke facts was distributed and prevention advise were given.

As usual, these activities were coordinated with the World Stroke Campaign organized by the World Stroke Organization. Our campaign was successful owing to the great help of our nurses, Neurology residents and young specialists who volunteered and helped to realize our goals during the World Stroke Day 2018. All participants wore T-shirts with the sign BRZO (FAST) with logos of all organizations that are involved in the World Stroke Day. We also translated posters, banners and leaflets provided by the World Stroke Campaign and distributed them during the activities.

We determined the vascular risk factors in over 500 people and they were advised how to protect themselves from stroke. These activities were posted on the website of the society and on Facebook.

The activities continued on the 29th October 2018, when Gordana Dimeska and the Society of Nurses in Neurology organized a scientific meeting with several  lectures for nurses on the subject of stroke, contemporary diagnostic and therapeutical approach as well as stroke risk factors.

On the 12th November 2018, in the Holiday Inn Hotel in Skopje, Anita Arsovska and the Macedonian Neurology Society organized a scientific meeting on the subject World Stroke Day. Invited speakers were Ivan Barbov, MD, PhD (University Clinic of Neurology), Ass. Prof. Hristo Pejkov (University Clinic of Cardiology), Prof. Dr. Anita Arsovska (University Clinic of Neurology) and Dr. Menka Lazareska (University Institute of Radiology). The scientific meeting was supported by the pharmaceutical company Bayer and was opened by Ivan Barbov, MD, PhD, who pointed out the significance of the contemporary multidisciplinary approach in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with stroke, that aims to contribute to better functional outcome of the patients, but also to decrease the burden of this disease in our society.

Than, Ass. Prof. Hristo Pejkov talked on the subject of Atrial Fibrilation, its significance as one of the most frequent stroke risk factors, how it is diagnosed and treated, with the application of direct (new) oral anticoagulants.

Prof. Dr. Anita Arsovska delivered a lecture on Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source, where she described the necessary diagnostic criteria and the latest studies results regarding the treatment of this specific type of stroke. Prof. Arsovska than continued with the contemporary therapeutical approach of ischemic stroke. She talked about the therapy in the acute phase and the newest guidelines regarding the recommendations for secondary stroke prevention, especially the application of anticoagulation therapy in patients with stroke and atrial fibrillation.

Dr. Menka Lazareska gave a talk on Application of mechanical thrombectomy in patients with ischemic stroke, contemporary guidelines, devices and techniques of performance that enable fast diagnosis and treatment of acute ischemic stroke patients.

This scientific meeting was attended by more that 100 participants who showed great interest in all lectures and at the end they agreed that this multidisciplinary approach is necessary for faster, more effective and more successful treatment of the patients with stroke.

All these activities were covered by the media, and Prof. Anita Arsovska went on several TVs where she promoted these events, and she also talked about stroke risk factors, signs and symptoms, answering questions from the audience.

We plan to continue with our activities this year as well, we intend to support European and World Stroke Day, Angels Initiative; to promote SOFT and Stroke Action Plan for Europe 2018-2030.