On 21st June 2018 SAFE held its second Regional Conference of 2018. This conference was attended by more than 20 delegates from UK, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

Once again, the SSOFT project was presented to our delegates, in a form of an interactive workshop.

This e-learning tool is available online at www.ssoft.info and can be accessed anywhere, by anyone with an Internet connection. It is designed to be compatible with multiple devices including computers, smart phones and tablets. The information is structured into six e-learning modules that cover information ranging from: introducing the key principles of an

SSO through the use of data to create effective messages, to approaches to developing positive and impactful public and health advocacy campaigns. The modules contain a mixture of videos, presentations and animations, ensuring that it is accessible for all, in particular stroke survivors.

Module 1, 2, and 3 are now available with modules 4, 5 and 6 being released between August and November this year.

SAFE President, Jon Barrick, presented SAFE’s success stories and projects from the past year, with a special focus on projects that are being developed in this year. The most important among them, the Stroke Action Plan for Europe was launched at ESOC 2018 in Gothenburg and in the EU Parliament in May 2018.  SAFE is now working on a popular version of this comprehensive document, hoping to present it towards the end of the year. The popular version will be written in a lay-friendly manner and available for our members for further translation and dissemination, as per the Burden of Stroke Report in 2017.

One of the sessions was delivered by our sponsor, Boehringer Ingelheim, bringing updates and providing information on new developments with the Angels Initiative project.

There will be a new approach in this project and the target audience will be quite different to what we are used to in the stroke world. For more information and a sneak peek into the new branding, please visit www.angels-initiative.com and join their community.

The next SAFE Regional Conference and the final one for this year will be held in Prague on 28th June.

SAFE’s regional conferences continue to be sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim, and we are grateful for their support.