Prague, 16th May 2017– Stroke Alliance for Europe and European Stroke Organisation signed the Memorandum of Understanding in Prague at the first day of the ESOC 2017.

-This is an historic moment that unites both patient organisations and professionals in mutual endeavors to improve stroke care across Europe, said Jon Barrick, the President of SAFE.

In her video message, Valeria Caso, the President of ESO stressed out that this step was very important.
By joining forces, SAFE and ESO are now creating a strong alliance among patients, care-givers and healthcare professionals, including researchers.

ESO President elect Bart Van Der Warp gave a short speech at the event, on behalf of ESO.

New partnership signed and sealed: SAFE and ESO fighting #stroke together. SAFE President Jon Barrick and ESO President elect Bart Van Der Warp


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Following the successful launch of the Burden of Stroke Report in EU Parliament, SAFE SSOs continue with their other activities at national level.


Plans for May 2017 activities in SSOs

Apart from the Burden of Stroke related communication, each SSO is having national plans for raising awareness of stroke in May. Please click here to see the plan of their national activities.

You can download a Burden of Stroke press release in following languages:





French (Belgium)

Dutch (Belgium)




The Burden of Stroke Report was made possible through educational grants from the following organisations

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European Stroke Awareness Day 2017

The European Stroke Awareness Day is the second Tuesday in May every year. This year, it is 9th May.

SAFE is launching the Burden of Stroke Report on 11th May. The launching event is happening in the EU Parliament, with the endorsement of several members of the Parliament.

Here we will be posting the information on how SAFE members plan to raise awareness of stroke in May.

Stay tuned!


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