WSD 2018 #UpAgainAfterStroke

#UpAgainAfterStroke: Support for Life After Stroke

In 2018, the theme of the campaign is ‘support’ and the focus of our campaign is raising awareness of key issues and needs of stroke survivors and caregivers, in order to achieve the best possible quality of life after stroke. The WSO has conducted extensive consultation, through member organisations with stroke survivors and care givers around the world on what matters most in relation to stroke treatment and recovery.

SAFE is actively supporting the World Stroke Campaign 2018. We were involved in shaping up this year’s campaign through our presence in the World Stroke Campaign Working Group and especially by having our President Jon Barrick chairing the World Stroke Campaign Committee. SAFE would like to encourage and support all SAFE members to take active part in this campaign.

The topic is Life After Stroke and the hashtag we will be using is #UpAgainAfterStroke. The campaign toolkit in English can be downloaded by clicking on this button below

WSD Campaign Toolkit


Insight into this year’s theme rationale

The Global Stroke Bill of Rights, published in 2016 identified key aspects of recovery to be included in this important advocacy tool. The themes identified in this round or consultation were confirmed in more recent campaign workshops with stroke survivors across Europe and identified the following support as being most important to recovery:

  • Be provided with hope for the best possible recovery I can make now and into the future
  • Receive psychological and emotional support in a form that best meets my needs
  • Be included in all aspects of society regardless of any disability I may have
  • Receive support (financial or otherwise) to ensure I am cared for in the longer term
  • Be supported to return to work and/or other activities I may choose to participate in after my stroke
  • Get access to formal and informal advocacy to assist me with access to the services I need
  • Be connected to other stroke survivors and caregivers so I may gain and provide support in my recovery from stroke

SAFE and WSO will be sharing with you more of the campaign materials and visuals in the upcoming months.

For any futher information on World Stroke Day 2018, please contact:

Anita Wiseman or Jelena Misita