SSOFT Project Ambassadors

SSOFT Project Ambassadors are the representatives for SAFE’s Stroke Support Faculty Tool (SSOFT). Their aim is to support and work with their regional cluster members to help them by:

Promoting and highlighting key information and milestones of the project;

Provide their members with the latest project updates;

Support their members to understand the rationale for the SSOFT project;

Show them how the tool can support them to grow in their members’ advocacy activities; and

Be the experts for the tool within their region.

Ambassadors are working with the SAFE project team to grow the contributor base for the development of the tool, and to act as a liaison between the SAFE Project Team and their regional members.

The Ambassadors also work with SAFE’s Project Team to:

Provide feedback from their members about the tool, content etc; and

Provide case studies or examples of success stories from their region for inclusion within the tool. Ensuring that the tool does not become too centric on one geographical region.