TRUSTroke: New EU project uses AI for predictive ischemic stroke management

Currently, the ability to predict potential future complications that may result in further hospital re-admissions post-stroke is limited. In response, TRUSTroke is developing an advanced technology to help healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers predict both short- and long-term outcomes of an ischemic stroke.  

In this project, the research teams are combining clinical variables with information from patient reports from three different European hospitals, while ensuring privacy and security through adherence to the highest standards and protocols. With the help of AI they are analysing large amounts of data relating to disease progression and potential health risks to ultimately enable increased personalisation and effective long-term stroke management.  

The project is specifically looking to reduce risks related to: 

  • Serious health issues when patients leave the hospital 
  • Patients getting worse and having to come back to the hospital unexpectedly 
  • Problems with movement, incomplete recovery, and other unfavourable long-term outcomes 
  • Stroke happening again 

Listen to their three lead Principal Investigators in the project telling us more about what they hope to achieve: 

Dr. Carlos Molina. Head of the Stroke Research Group at Vall d’Hebron Research Institute, Spain. TRUSTroke Project Leader
Dr. Pietro Caliandro. Neurologist at Agostino Gemelli University Polyclinic, Rome. TRUSTroke WP6 Leader (Clinical study)
Dr. Robin Lemmens. Neurologist at UZ Leuven, Belgium. TRUSTroke WP6 Collaborator (Clinical study) 

Arlene Wilkie, Director General of the Stroke Alliance for Europe said ‘One of the long-term issues faced by stroke survivors is the uncertainty of their future health issues, which includes the possibility of having a second or more strokes. This new technology, using AI, will help doctors and stroke survivors work together to plan for their long-term recovery more effectively after a stroke’. 

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TRUSTroke has received funding from the European Union in the callHorizon-hlth-2022-stayhlth-01-two-stage under grant agreement No.101080564