On Friday 11 March, we held our Life After Stroke event. Our thoughts were with all of those in the Ukraine, and the atrocious loss of life and suffering they are facing

Each day this war continues, means a more dreadful place for those living with stroke and their families.

We deplore this war and the impact it is having on the provision of vital stroke services, care and support.

Many hospitals have been damaged or destroyed. Medical and allied healthcare professionals are desperately struggling to save the lives of, and care for those who have had a stroke. Healthcare professionals themselves are being caught up in the attacks on civilians. Patient organisations are unable to provide the full support that stroke survivors desperately need.

Those who are living with stroke, whether still in Ukraine or fleeing the country, are suffering from a lack of available medicine, care and support.

This situation is unthinkable in the 21st century.

We are calling for the international community to support Ukraine and the surrounding countries to urgently restore continuity to stroke care.

We must see an immediate end to this war.