The Exercise Guide for stroke survivors in the Netherlands was developed some years ago, in collaboration of the medical experts from the University of Utrecht, other allied stroke professionals and Dutch stroke survivors. This booklet is usually being given to patients during their stay in the hospital or while in rehabilitation. The guide itself will be free (temporarily) for everybody. Small SSO’s can get the rights to translate in their own language for free, while the larger SSO’s will be asked to pay a small fee.

“In these crazy Corona times most Dutch stroke survivors do not get physical therapy anymore, as everything is on hold or locked down. It is important for everybody, but especially for them, to keep exercising and we are convinced this guide is a great solution for that” says Monique Lindhout, the Director of, adding that “Sharing with others in need and helping them in times of crisis not only makes us feel good, it also brings a real-life change for the stroke patients affected.”

The Exercise Guide is a practical tool for patients to start exercising independently from day one after a stroke. The exercises are all easy to perform either lying in bed or sitting in a chair. The exercises are divided into three levels of complexity each indicated by a different colour, and, as much as possible, everyday activities are included in the given exercises.

The benefits in using this exercise guide

According to therapists, nurses and patients, the exercise guide is a powerful and low-cost tool to intensify rehabilitation treatment for patients after stroke without the need for extra personnel.

The front cover of the Exercise Guide

How to get your copy of the Exercise Guide e-book?

The e-Version of this guide will be only temporarily available for free. Hurry up and click here to follow instructions and download your own copy of the Exercise Guide.


The exercise guide was developed in 2010 in the Netherlands by the University Medical Centre Utrecht and Rehabilitation Centre De Hoogstraat in collaboration with professionals of seven hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes and patients of the Dutch stroke patients association. In 2013, the exercise guide was translated into English. Currently the guide is being translated in Vietnamese and Thai. The guide is also available as an app (only in Dutch) for Apple and Android. The app is temporarily available for free.


For contact and suggestions about the Exercise Guide:
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