Author: Nora Mork

People with a chronic pain are constantly facing obstacles and difficulties that they otherwise wouldn’t. However, this doesn’t have to mean that it’s impossible to have a full and satisfying life even with the chronic pain.

You just have to learn to live with it properly and avoid making these common mistakes:

Allowing Fear To Rule Your Life

Fear is understandable in this situation but what is not is allowing it to rule your life. You are still you and there are always ways to fix this situation. There are medications available and many other things that could help you overcome your pain and have a regular life. Certainly, nothing will go back to being completely normal but maybe you should embrace your new normal instead.

Misusing the Pain Meds

Pain medication should never be used to completely block your pain. This is impossible because those pain medications become ineffective over time. They can be really helpful but it all depends on how you use them and what you expect will happen because of them.

Pain medications can only remove about 50 to 60 percent of pain. You’ll have to use other things as well to support the meds. You have to learn to live with a certain amount of pain.

You should also avoid using the pain meds to do more and get through certain things. You can’t move too fast in your recovery process and end up having more pain than before. Stick to the schedule and what your doctor told you.

Overwhelming yourself when you are feeling okay

At times you’ll feel a lot better – almost like normal – and you’ll realize that these are the times that you can do things like you used to. Soon, you’ll increase the amount of work you do during “good times”.

But this will only increase your amount of pain and result in you not being able to fix it later. Never overwhelm yourself when you are feeling good. Take frequent breaks and rest often – sit or lay down, change your position as necessary and don’t do the extremely difficult things.

Find the right kind of help

“Pain management counselors can really help you learn pain management techniques and how to move on with your life properly. Don’t think that the relief can only come from pills. You have to learn other, more effective and natural ways of managing your pain. And you can really learn a lot from these professionals,” says Hannah Thomas, a psychology blogger at Academized and Australian help.

But, you also have to learn to rely on yourself – physicians are there for you but they are there to teach you how to handle yourself and your pain, not to be available to you any time of day or night. They also can’t always understand what you are going through.

This is why you have to understand to rely on yourself but also find a support group that can help you with their experiences and so on.

Not learning about your patterns

As you go through the process of being in a severe pain through feeling just small amounts of pain, you will learn to understand and recognize your patterns. For instance, when it happens and what happens. Ask yourself whether some fears or certain emotions make things better or worse for you. If some people have an effect on your pain – be it a good one or a bad one.

Then, you can learn to avoid of milden these effects. This is a great way to learn to live – in part – with the pain.

Thinking that you can’t go on

“Everyone sometimes feels like they can’t keep living in pain and they feel desperate but they are wrong. People can survive anything and still have a full and happy life with pain.

So, learn to live with it and overcome it in difficult situations,” says Milo Banks, a health writer at Big Assignments and State of writing.

Failing to refill your prescription

For one, you need to remember to always refill your prescription – meds aren’t the only pain management that you should use but they should still be a part of it. Failing to do so will only result in your recovery slowing down.

You should also remember to refill it in time – for example, never let your meds run out during the weekend or holidays, get a prescription before that. The doctors have their own lives which they shouldn’t have to stop in order to get to you because of your mistakes.

Having chronic pain is scary but it’s also possible to have a good life with this illness. Hopefully, you’ll avoid these mistakes and have a good life.

About the author: Nora Mork is a health and psychology writer and editor at UK Writings. She helps people by sharing her experience in the articles at Boom Essays and Essay Roo blogs.