Death and illness caused by noncommunicable diseases bring suffering and heartache to millions of people worldwide every year – those who live with the diseases, as well as their families and friends. 70% of all deaths worldwide result from NCDs.

In light of the upcoming Week For Action on NCDs Activities & Comms within the ‘Enough.’ campaign, we used an opportunity to talk with Jelka Jansa, from the Stroke Support Organisation Slovenia. Jelka recently participated in a NCD Alliance workshop in Geneva and being an occupational therapist who works in an acute neurological hospital, she is very familiar with patient support organisations both locally and internationally, especially in the field of stroke.

What is ‘Week For Action on NCDs’ and when is it happening?

It takes place on the 3-9th September. As part of the Enough campaign, the NCD Alliance is encouraging the NCD community all over the world to observe a Global Week of Action on NCDs from the 3rd to 9th of September 2018 in the lead up to the UN HLM on NCDs which will take place later that month on the 27th September. The Global Week for Action on NCDs will catalyse activity among people who are engaged in the NCD movement everywhere, to initiate a transition from commitment to action on NCDs and we encourage you to get involved individually or through your country NCD alliances, in a way that works for you in your context, based on available resources, capacities and priorities.

This will be a global opportunity to talk to each other, to leaders, to media, to crowds, to the world about what works well and what needs to change to ensure a transition from commitment to tangible actions that not only yield reportable improvements in NCD targets and outcomes, but result in the improvement of health and lives of all people in all places.

The opportunities are endless. Possible activities include organising a meeting, street action, picnic, fun run, dance party, art competition or social media support. The week is your chance to do something achievable, appropriate, relevant and impactful where you live, but linked to a global movement. Saying ENOUGH is also a nice way of participating.


  • Show solidarity and a strong united civil society movement to address NCDs globally

  • Draw attention to the UN HLM on NCDs

  • Mobilise around the ENOUGH campaign and emphasise that we all say ENOUGH. Our HEALTH, is our RIGHT, and we need action NOW.

The Global Week for Action will be led by NCD Alliance, with collaborative support of the WHO Civil Society Working Group on NCDs, partners, members, supporters and wider NCD civil society network.

The Guide for Planning your Week for Action on NCDs, Activities and Comms is available for free at this link. It includes useful tips and checklists to help in your planning over the coming three weeks. To complement the guide, you can also find a suite of editable graphics for social media (with English and Spanish versions) to help to promote the Global Week for Action on NCDs and support your activities here.


Share your views and make your own pledge to help stop preventable death and suffering ahead of the 2018 UN HLM on NCDs.