Brussels, 16 April 2018- The Stroke Support Organisation Faculty Tool (SSOFT) website goes live today at the following address

The website is a gateway to the new and innovative online eLearning advocacy tool being developed by Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE), in partnership with the European Stroke Organisation (ESO).

SSOFT is an eLearning tool that provides knowledge and training on how to create effective advocacy activities and campaigns to deliver positive change at a local and national level on stroke prevention, treatment and care. The eLearning platform will include six modules that provide information on:

Stroke Support Organisation Faculty Tool website is now live

Stroke Support Organisation Faculty Tool website caption: All six Modules with their topics

Through information and educational training on advocacy, Stroke Support Organisations can build their capacities and capabilities in this area. This online eLearning platform is accessible to all member organisations throughout Europe, and will deliver this vital educational training.

SSOFT allows SAFE and ESO to continue to invest in the future of their members by supporting them on their journey to become strong and positive advocates.

The first eLearning module is due to be released in the coming weeks.

For those intersted in using this pioneering eLearning platform we would ensocurage them to visit the SSOFT website to learn more about SSOFT, SAFE and ESO as well as to pre-register to gain access to the modules as they are developed and released.

In addition visitors to the SSOFT website will be able to find their nearest SAFE Stroke Support Organisation (SSO) as well as hear from SAFE members about their experiences.

’’This is an exciting time in the development of SSOFT and we hope that the information on the webiste will encourage people to sign up to use this unique eLearning tool’’ said Victoria Brewer, the Project and Organisation Director.

SSOFT is being supported by an education grant from Bayer HealthCare.
For more information, please send an email to or visit


About SAFE

The Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) a non-profit-making organisation formed in 2004.

It is the voice of stroke patients in Europe, representing a range of patient groups from 30 European countries.

SAFE’s goal is to decrease the number of strokes in Europe by advocating for better prevention, access to adequate treatment, post-stroke care and rehabilitation.