Tamro, Finland’s leading service provider and distributor of pharmaceuticals and health products, pronounced winners of The Health Awards 2018. The judges voted the Finnish Brain Association’s blood pressure campaign as the Health Act of the Year. Nightingale Health’s blood analysis for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases was selected as the Health Innovation of the Year. As stated on their website, with The Health Awards, Tamro rewards work that has effectively promoted the health of Finns, as well as brings promising innovations to the spotlight. Both winners received a prize of € 5 000.

The jury described their choice to reward the Finnish Brain Association’s blood pressure campaign with the following words:

”Increasing awareness of the connection between brain health and elevated blood pressure was a noteworthy insight. Self-monitoring is part of future health care, and making it more widely adopted among citizens is essential in the prevention of serious health issues.”

As the Finish Brain Association, Avoliitto, stated, blood pressure campaign was part of their activities on a World Stroke Day 2017.

“This award was a very important achievement for all of us working with the prevention of stroke, it shows us that we are on the right path and our work has been noticed. The award inspires us to continue our work for reducement of stroke incidents in our country. We believe that when people are aware of the risks with high blood pressure they want to take care of their priceless processor” says Marika Railila, Project Manager from Finnish Brain Association.

In fact, this was second time that the Priceless Processor campaing was awarded with a major prize. In year 2015 it won the World Stroke Organization prize for best campaing in high income country.

The jury selected the winners from over 50 proposals. The proposals were assessed by a diverse group of health care professionals.

For more information on Tamro and The Health Award, please click here.

About Aivoliitto (The Finnish Brain Association)

The Finnish Brain Association is a public health, patient and disabled people’s organisation which supports the groups it represents in coping with their daily lives. These groups include stroke patients as well as children and adolescents with specific language impairment (SLI) and their families.