For this year’s World Stroke Day, on 29th October, Blëtz a.s.b.l, a stroke support organisation from Luxembourg organised a conference “I am no longer myself” – When the handicap is invisible – approach to stroke from the neuropsychology perspective.

The event was organised under the patronage of HRH Madam Grand Duchess, Heiress Stéphanie, Mr. Burgomaster of the Commune of Bettembourg, Dr. Jean-Claude Schmit, Director of Health and Dr. Monique Reiff, CHL neurologist.

This conference took place on Sunday, 29th October at 16.00 hours at Château de Bettembourg, in Luxembourg.

At the same time, there was a presentation of the book “You have to be a fighter! Life after a stroke“ by Chantal Keller.

The front cover of the book “You have to be a fighter! Life after a stroke“ by Chantal Keller

Chantal Keller, president of Blëtz a.s.b.l Luxembourg, herself affected by a stroke, describes the fate of 24 concerned people and their family members in her book. These personal stories are written in 4 different languages: German, French, English and Portuguese. Furthermore, the book is completed by 26 informative articles. Some are written by professors in medicine, others by the heads of different organizations, to give the reader a huge amount of detailed information, about what a stroke really means and about how people can get support while being involved personally, whether as a patient or a family member. The most important information is, that in every case, one has to be a fighter and one has to continue fighting, even after a stroke, to be able to continue living one’s life.

This book is published by Blëtz a.s.b.l. and will be available for purchase from 29th October, 2017.

About Blëtz a.s.b.l. Luxembourg

The aim of the association Blëtz a.s.b.l.  is to help people with a stroke and ensure integration of disabled into society, while improving the living conditions of stroke survivors. Some of the main goals of Blëtz a.s.b.l. are to inform the public about the issues that are related to brain injuries and the needs that result from these injuries, as well as to promote medical and scientific research that is dedicated to this topic.

In order to achieve its social goals, Blëtz a.s.b.l. can, among other things, seek cooperation with like-minded public and private bodies, which are ready to give their support.

Blëtz a.s.b.l. is a member of SAFE since December 2016.

HRH Madam Grand Duchess, Heiress Stéphanie of Luxebourg Stéphanie at the event.