During the period between 31st May and 5th July 2017, SAFE organised three Regional Conferences. These conferences were held in Lisbon, Riga and Berlin, having representatives from 5 country clusters, with 29 stroke support organisations from 26 European countries.

All three conferences were fully supported by SAFE’s long-term industry partner, pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim.

SAFE Regional Conference

SAFE Regional Conference, Berlin, Germany

The main focus of these meetings was on the Burden of Stroke launch at pan-European level and the national activities across Europe that followed.

Each SAFE member organisation presented an in-detail report about the national launch activities related to the Burden of Stroke Report, as well as their national plans on using the Report’s findings in the future, for sustainable advocating and campaigning.

SAFE Regional Conference

SAFE Regional Conference in Riga, Latvia

The first workshop of each conference was facilitated by Mike Kan, from Cohn and Wolfe agency, representing the sponsor, Boehringer Ingelheim. This practical and interactive workshop concentrated on how to develop and implement a sustainable national communications plan for the World Stroke Day 2017 from the perspective of stroke prevention. Participants gave their opinion on how to interpret and effectively use the data collated within the Burden of Stroke Report for advocacy and campaigning, using the atrial fibrillation as an example and whether adults with atrial fibrillation at increased risk of stroke are treated appropriately with anticoagulants.

At all conferences, one of the topics was how to establish partnership opportunities with the industry, and optimize work of SSOs. Attendees were able to hear some of the best practices in working together with commercial organisations to raise awareness of the Burden of Stroke in Europe.

SAFE Regional Conference

SAFE Regional Conference Lisbon, Portugal

Other on-going and upcoming SAFE projects for the period 2017-2019 were presented by Jon Barrick, SAFE President.

The last hour of the conference agendas was dedicated to the upcoming World Stroke Day 2017, and SAFE’s proposal for its campaign. Every member organization had an opportunity to say what they are planning for the next year, and how they are going to use the Burden of Stroke Report findings.

More information for SAFE members on Regional Conferences’ agenda, presentations and photos can be found in the Members’ section of the website.

SAFE is grateful to the sponsor of the Regional Conferences, Boehringer Ingelheim.