This is a blog post written by Kasia, young stroke survivor from Poland. She is one of the ambassadors of the Merz-SAFE post-stroke spasticity project.

1. Cooking – nothing is better than doing polish Pierogi (dumplings) or Indian chiapati (roti;p)













2. Hanging your laundry – with clothespin! Great for precise movements;

3. Vacuuming, sweeping – sorry for that! For me it’s best to use healthy hand only for helping sick one. It took time to learn that, but finally I’m here. Healthy hand is resting more, spastic one works more

4. Doing your dishes – a bit precise. Hold something, turn it, put something into something elase, decompose… it’s extremely hard with one hand!

5. Ironing. The thing that I hate doing and wasn’t doing even while being healthy. Only before interviews. But it just must be good. Hand get’s stronger, but putting your shirt on ironing board is pretty hard and precise action, isn’t it?

Well, it’s my tradition to say: Mooom, it doesn’t mean that I will love completing all the chores you want me to!

P.S. My special number six. During communist era my parents bought somewhere plenty of pasta and not milled coffee, you know, in seeds. It was like a miracle. But they left it once in tiny room with two dogs.

After coming back they saw disaster. Our beautiful dogs ripped all packaging and mixed all together. Well. If you know anything about communist Poland, you know, that it couldn’t be wasted. So my parents st there for hours playing in Cinderella game. Separating coffee from noodles.

It’s like an exercise you can get in rehabilitation centers:))