Lilja Stefánsdóttir, housewife; RAX (Ragnar Guðni Axelsson ) photographer and Thorir Steingrímsson chairman of Heilaheill, Icelandic stroke support organisation, presented new mobile App in TV show “Sirrý” on TV Hringbraut on July 27, 2016. The guests are all stroke survivors and members of HEILAHEILL.

With this activity started the promotion and distribution of new Brain-App, a life-saving measure for those with stroke symptoms, directly connected to the Emergency Service Line 112. This is an App designed for free download to all smartphones and anyone can download it through their provider, the Apple Store, Google Play or others.

Each user can open their provider, press the search (magnifying glass), enter “Heilaheill” and the App will be displayed. Then a window where the request social Security number is dispatched to the emergency line. Under each character is description of the first signs of stroke and anyone can learn about the symptoms. When the user is confident that he, or his immediate family, get the symptoms of stroke, they press the button and the smartphone sent automatically SMS (text messages) to the emergency number 112. The employee who is working in Emergency services knows why this SMS is sent.

If the user would be unable to speak or explain where he is, then Emergency Line can target the exact location of the phone.The use of this technology increases the security of each individual.The App is easy to use and compatible with all Android-platform mobile phones.

Stroke occurs if the blood supply to the brain is blocked (ischemic stroke), or if a blood vessel in the brain is ruptured (hemorrhagic stroke). When either of these things happens brain cells begin to die or are at risk of damage.

Even is a person suffering from acute stroke doesn’t know the symptoms, the App provides guidance through simple questions and answers. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of this and share it with others!

Please click on the photo below to see features of this App.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 16.58.52