List of SAFE members

Membership organisations

Some SAFE members have web sites, others are still developing their Internet presence. On this page you can find more information about those SSOs who have web sites, by clicking on their name in the text.

AUSTRIA: Schlaganfall-Hilfe Österreich

The Austrian Stroke Society Schlaganfall-Hilfe Österreich is dedicated to drawing attention to the disease and the treatment options for stroke. It hosts multimedia campaigns around stroke as a topic and World Stroke Day to increase public awareness of risk factors and primary prevention.


Belgium SSO logoBELGIUM: Belgian Stroke Council

The purposes of the Belgian Stroke Council are to promote scientific exchange within Belgium by organizing scientific meetings and collaborating with International Stroke Societies and to establish guidelines in stroke prevention and treatment.



Catalonia SSO logoCATALONIA: Fundació Ictus (The Stroke/Vascular Disease Foundation)

The Stroke Foundation /Vascular Disease is constituted as a driving and proactive entity in the fight against stroke by means of collaboration between all those entities and public or private associations worried by the disease.


Hrvatska SSO logoCROATIA: Croatian Stroke Society

Croatia Stroke Society was established in 1998. by Professor Vida Demarin, fellow of the Croatian Academy of Art and Science, actually president of our society. Vida Demarin and her team share positive messages about stroke: stroke is preventable, if You act FAST, stroke is treatable, and the neuroplasticity of our brains makes stroke rehabilitation possible.



CYPRUS: Cyprus Stroke Association

The vision of «CYPRUS STROKE ASSOCIATION» is to work to reduce strokes in Cyprus and to provide maximum help and support to people affected by stroke and their families.





CZECH REPUBLIC: CEREBRUM – Brain Injured and Families

is a nonprofit association, which was set up to contribute to understanding of brain injury, to provide information and to support people with traumatic or other acquired brain injury, their families and caregivers.



CZECH REPUBLIC: Sdružení pro rehabilitaci osob po cévní mozkové příhodě (Association for rehabilitation of persons after stroke)

Association for the rehabilitation of people after stroke is a voluntary civic association of citizens and legal entities interested in actively participating in the improvement of care for people affected by cerebrovascular accident or threatened by the origin of the disease.



Faroe Islands SSO logoFAROE ISLANDS: MBF

MBF was founded in 1981 and has from the beginning been struggling to become a recognized political player in the Faroese democratic political system. The organization has a clear goal, which is to work for the promotion of disabled people’s interest.




Finland SSO logoFINLAND: Aivoliitto (Finnish Brain Association)

The Finnish Brain Association is a public health, patient and disabled people’s organisation which supports the groups it represents in coping with their daily lives. These groups include stroke patients as well as children and adolescents with specific language impairment (SLI) and their families.



France-AVC (Association of Assistance to Patients and Families of Stroke Patients),
whose national president is Françoise BENON, was created in 1998 with several objectives:
* Inform the public, the public authorities and the media about strokes.
* Provide help and support to patients and families of stroke patients.
* Assist in the training of doctors and paramedics.
* Help with stroke research.

GEORGIA: Medical Foundation “Mkurnali”

Medical Foundation Mkurnali (hereinafter called as Foundation) was founded in 2010 by group of Georgian Doctors. The names of founders were: Dr. Mikheil Shavgulidze, Dr. Tamar Janelidze, Dr. Sophia Maglaperidze.
Foundation is an apolitical organization which acts in accordance with Georgian Constitution, Legislation and present charter.


Germany SSO logoGERMANY: Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfall-Hilfe (The German Stroke Foundation)

Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfall-Hilfe (The German Stroke Foundation) was founded in 1993 under the patronage of Liz Mohn after experiencing a case of illness within her own family. Liz Mohn is the wife of Reinhard Mohn, entrepreneur and founder of the Bertelsmann Foundation. It is an independent and non-profit welfare organisation, dedicated only to the objectives set out in the Articles to prevent strokes and contribute to the improvement of care for stroke patients.



Greece SSO logo

GREECE: Hellenic Alliance/Action for Stroke Support Organization

The H.A.S. SSO’s role is to inform and educate the public about the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of a stroke and influence healthcare authorities and health policy makers to better organise health services for the treatment, care and rehabilitation of the patient after stroke.




HUNGARY: National Stroke ( Prevention and Rehabilitation) League.

The National Prevention and Rehabilitation League of Stroke is a prominently public benefit organisation. Services include health-preservation, prevention of disease, healing- and medical rehabilitation activities.




Iceland SSO logoICELAND: Heilaheill

Heilaheill is a non-profit organisation for people interested in cerebrovascular diseases (cerebral hemorrhage,  blood clots, ischemic and hemorrhagic cerebrovascular accidents ). Membership to this self-help organisation is open to all stroke survivors, their family members,  healthcare professionals and all others interested in this subject.

IRELAND: The Irish Heart Foundation

The Irish Heart Foundation is leading the way in the fight against heart disease and stroke in Ireland. It campaigns to influence government policy to improve care for patients and for real change for those affected by heart disease and stroke.
As the national charity fighting heart disease and stroke The Irish Heart Foundation has seen great achievements and success through our advocacy campaigns.


Israel SSO logoISRAEL: Neeman Association for Stroke Survivors

The Neeman Association for Stroke Survivors is a national self help group with regional activities for stroke survivors and their families. Its aims are to promote prevention at all levels and to improve the quality of life for members.



Italy SSO logoITALY: Associazione Lotta Ictus Cerebrale (ALICE) (The Italian Stroke Association)

The Italian stroke association, Associazione Lotta Ictus Cerebrale (ALICE) was founded in 1997. As part of their work they have an information campaign look at the prevention of stroke, including a National Stroke Day.



Latvia SSO logoLATVIA: Patient organization «»

“Par” is non-governmental organization founded in November 2011, bringing together various heart and cardio vascular disease patients, as well their relatives.



Luxemburg SSO logoLUXEMBURG: Bletz asbl

The aim of the association Bletz is to help people with a stroke and ensure integration of disabled into society, while improving the living conditions of stroke survivors.



Macedonia SSO logoFYR MACEDONIA: Macedonian Stroke Association

“Здружение за борба против мозочен удар” a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization working since 2014 and is the first of its kind in Macedonia .



Nederland SSO logoNETHERLANDS:

Acquired brain injury can change your life completely. is there for you. We help you to pick up the thread again, to learn more about your brain and the consequences. We also work with partners in health care policy to provide care, support and public attention for people with brain injury.



Neorway SSO logoNORWAY: Norsk forening for slagrammede (The Norwegian Association for Stroke Survivors)

The Norwegian organisation for stroke survivors’ main mission is to inform the public about stroke and how this can be prevented.  Furthermore, the organisation is active in helping stroke survivors and their families.



Poland SSO logoPOLAND: Fundacja Udaru Mózgu

Fundacja Udaru Mózgu is the first Polish non-governmental organisation whose mission is to help people after stroke, their families and carers.  The foundation was organized by doctors, physiotherapists, physiologists, people who have had stroke and their carers.



The “PT.AVC – União de Sobreviventes, Familiares e Amigos” (also known as “Portugal AVC”) is a national entity, formed by stroke survivors, families and health professionals. The main goals are contribute to the prevention of stroke, meet the needs experienced by stroke survivors and their families, and be their voice.



Serbia SSO logoSERBIA: Association “STROKE”

Association “STROKE”  was founded as a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, to achieve the objectives in the area of improving human health.



Poráž is a small civic association that is particularly dedicated to prevention of stroke, but also to help people who have had a stroke. They are people who need rehabilitation, logopaedics, psychological, social and other supportive care. Our goal is to improve the patient’s quality of life and patient’s self-sufficiency. In Slovakia, the incidence of sudden vascular stroke is estimated at 300-600 per 100,000 inhabitants per calendar year. Nearly one-third of patients die within one year. Approximately 50% of those who survive have a sustained neurological deficit, and somewhere over 25% are permanently dependent on family members or long-term care in social and healthcare facilities.


Slovenia SSO logoSLOVENIA: Združenje bolnikov s cerebrovaskularno boleznijo (The Slovenian Stroke Association)

The Slovenian Stroke Association “Združenje bolnikov s cerebrovaskularno boleznijo” is a stroke patient group, which looks at stroke patients education, social issues and stroke rehabilitation. It was established in June 1996 and was registered as a humanitarian organisation in 2004 by the Slovenian Ministry of health. It is a voluntary, national organisation including 15 regional clubs. The president of the association and the leaders of stroke clubs’ are all stroke survivors.

Activities of Slovenian stroke association in photos.



Spain SSO logoSPAIN: Federación Española de Ictus

The Spanish National Federation of stroke patients and family promotes the grouping of all stroke patients living in Spain, to work in a coordinated manner to improve their quality of life and palliative or curative potential therapies.It fosters the development of research programs and support systems for patients of stroke to facilitate their integration in all areas possible.




Sweden SSO logoSWEDEN: STROKE-Riksförbundet (The Swedish Stroke Association)

STROKE-Riksförbundet (The Swedish Stroke Association), is a nation-wide and non-profit association for those who have had a stroke, their families and others who are interested in stroke. It is a member of the Swedish Co-operative body of Organisations of disabled people.



TURKEY: BEYINDER (Turkish stroke association)

Beyinder’s mission is to ensure that patients with cerebrovascular diseases achieve scientific and innovative treatments in primary and secondary prevention.
The vision is to provide people in Turkey with accurate information about cerebrovascular diseases, to support the education of physicians in this subject and to contribute to the patients to reach the right and innovative treatments.



 Different Strokes UK SSO logoUK: Different Strokes

Different Strokes is a registered charity providing a unique, free service to younger stroke survivors throughout the United Kingdom. It is run by stroke survivors for stroke survivors, for active self help and mutual support.


Stroke Association UK SSO logoUK: The Stroke Association

Stroke Association:  We believe in life after stroke. That’s why we support stroke survivors to make the best recovery they can. It’s why we campaign for better stroke care. And it’s why we fund research to develop new treatments and ways of preventing stroke. We believe that every step matters on the road to recovery. We believe that together we can change the world for people affected by stroke.

UKRAINE: School for Stroke Survivors (SSS) “Victory over the stroke”

The Ukrainian SSO combines forces of stroke survivors and their caregivers, medical and social workers to promote prevention, better treatment and rehabilitation, and improve quality of life and social adaptation of stroke patients.