Oruen – The CNS Journal has now been published online. In this issue you can find the SAFE special report on stroke prevention project and Stroke Action Plan for Europe advert. SAFE is also mentioned in the two ANGELS articles.

The current issue also brings you the following reviewed articles:

Clinical Outcomes and Work Flow Optimisation with Pipeline System and Shield Technology (Istvan Szikora, Saleh Lamin, Mohamed Aggour)

Innovations in Endovascular Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke and Cerebral Aneurysms (Hannes A. Deutschmann, Marc Ribo, Mathieu Sanchez)

The ANGELS Initiative: More and better Stroke-ready Hospitals across the globe (Rob Goodwin)

Improving stroke care across the world: The Angels Initiative (Valeria Caso, Magd Fouad Zakaria, Ales Tomek, Robert Mikulik, Sheila Cristina Ouriques Martins, Thang Huy Nguyen, Anastasia Rossouw)

Stroke Prevention in atrial Fibrillation: update with NOAC Treatment and the impact of Reversal (Dr. Allison Kirsop)

Transition of ADHD Patients from Childhood into Adulthood (Dr Allison Kirsop)

An Introduction to the Internal Capsule in Schizophrenia (Dr. Matthew Williams)

About Oruen – The CNS Journal

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