Please read below an excerpt from an article published in Croatian online portal about the SAFE Working Conference 2017.

Although the number of deaths caused by stroke is in decline, there are more people who survive an acute stroke, but there are also others who remain with a permanent disability…

Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) is organising an Annual Working Conference in Zagreb, Croatia, from 6-8th December 2017. There will be more then 100 delegates from over 30 European countries. The Working Conference will cover topics such as current and future projects aiming to reduce the number of new strokes in Europe and enable better life for stroke survivors and their families with the consequences of this disease.

SAFE started a project called „Stroke Support Organisation Faculty Tool- SSOFT“. At the moment, the focus is on building an online platform for education of stroke support organisations and individuals about stroke and how to advocate for improvement of the prevention, treatment and post-stroke care.
In 2017, SAFE has finished a big project “Burden of Stroke in Europe”, in which Croatia took an active part.

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