On 25 January 2017, EBC and MEP Aldo Patriciello (Italy) host an AF-Related Stroke Policy Series Workshop in the European Parliament in Brussels. Moderated by Peter O’Donnell of Politico, the workshop focuses on highlighting the importance of pre-screening and early detection of AF to reduce the threat of stroke and features expert speakers in both AF and Stroke.

18% of strokes are associated with Atrial Fibrillation—the most common heart rhythm disturbance. The early detection of previously unknown arrhythmias, such as AF, can enable patients to receive timely and effective diagnosis and treatment in order to avoid possible future onset of stroke.


EBC introduced a new logo “I love my brain”

This AF-related stroke workshop is the last of the workshop series created under the Year of the Brain. Previous workshops were held in Liverpool, Rome, and Barcelona over the last few years with the aim to highlight the importance of screening for AF, provide a forum for open discussion of all stakeholders in the issue, encourage the placement of regulations and guidelines, recognize stroke as a social and economic burden, and raise public awareness of the prevalence of Atrial Fibrillation, and the easy yet vital screening methods that exist to reduce the threat of stroke.

This is the first major event of EBC in 2017, and kicks off the I Love My Brain series of activities planned for the coming year.

Speaker details and the programme for the event can be found HERE