SAFE is preparing the first-ever online stroke learning platform, called Stroke Survivor Organisation Faculty Tool (SSOFT).

We will create an Education and Training Programme with a number of basic modules to provide an effective platform for advocacy, and a number of second level modules, which will teach in more detail the elements required for positive and effective advocacy.

The overarching objective of the Programme is to achieve improved stroke care and enable Stroke Support Organisations (and ESO members) and their constituents, patients and carers, to strengthen their ability to advocate and impact on prevention strategies, diagnosis and treatment and after care.

This will be achieved with the production and dissemination of educational and training materials via a coordinated Programme designed for all those involved with Stroke Support Organisations (SSOs) across Europe, and also made available for stroke professionals who want to know more about this area.

SAFE board approved the appointment of  Victoria Brewer as SAFE Project and Organisation Director. Victoria will be responsible for the development of the Stroke Survivor Organisation Faculty Tool (SSOFT). There are two persons engaged on writing modules for SSOFT, Sarah Belson and Joe Korner, both very experienced in stroke related topics and stroke advocacy.

This project is sponsored by Bayer.